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Acus Accesories Collaboration

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In this new blog entry we wanted to talk to you about the looks chosen for the collaboration with Acus complements and the combinations we created inspired by this year's autumn trends.

Hello again, everyone!

Those of you who follow us on Instagram and Facebook can surely see that last week we finished a collaboration with Acus Complementos.

In this new blog entry, we wanted to talk to you about the looks we have chosen and how the combinations we created with Acus and Massieu raise the outfits, remaining faithful to our usual simplicity.

We've used the new Ikigai collection along with our new collection too, where both are characterized by their beautiful colors and at the same time the simplicity of their lines, making them a must when it comes to finishing off your style.

We have been inspired by the autumn trends that we described in the previous post, where you can find all the advice both chromatic and design, for this new season in which we enter. 

We hope you like it as much as we do! 

We start the week with our Nara bag, which many of you will already know, with its pink and silver tones, which is a basic that offers many possibilities. 

For this first style, we decided on a short dark lilac dressing gown, to which we added some silver sandals and complemented it with the Ningyo earrings by Acus in the same purple shade as the gown. We finished with the aforementioned Nara bag, which breaks the monochrome block and adds a touch of elegance with its sober lines to the outfit. An ideal look to be the perfect guest full of color and simplicity without leaving aside elegance.

nara look

Our second look consisted of a gray/silver dress with super simple lines. Those of you who know us know that we bet on this type of dress and garments that, depending on the accessories you choose, have many occasions to be able to wear it. For example, we have combined it with some silver sandals to which we add a feather shawl in a darker grey, and our Zinnia bag printed in pink and silver tones, and finally the Ningyo Pink earrings. 

A look in which we play with different shades of gray where accessories are key and their colors are a trend this year.

zinnia look

On the third day, we decided on a more sober look, in total black, which never goes out of style and is a staple in our closet. We chose our Mariposa bag with its characteristic butterfly print in gold along with its pistachio green color, and the Aware earrings by Acus to follow that line of gold tones, making a great contrast with the black. The frilly top is also very popular this season, adding originality to the final outfit, perfect for an elegant, eye-catching evening look.

Mariopsa handbag look

The fourth style is a staple in the fall, it is clear that this season will not miss the earthy colors, so we chose a brown satin midi dress to combine with beige heeled sandals. To complement the look, we added our Amanecer clutch bag and Kitsugi earrings by Acus, both accessories in gold, which combine perfectly with these colors. 

amanecer clutch bag look

Our Lorena handbag and its colors... we love it! Incredibly easy to combine and create colorful looks. In this case, we chose a shirt dress, a trend right now, in petrol blue, and added some silver heeled sandals to match the bag. We continue to add color to the look with Acus' Kyoto earrings and Galaxy ring. A colorful, comfortable look, yet elegant and perfect for any occasion.

lorena handbag look

Finally, we select again the golden earrings, this time, the Alejandria of Acus and our Iris bag. We combine these accessories with a frilly shirt dress, one of the great trends of this year, for a daily style depending on the accessories you choose.

Iris handbag look

What was your favorite look? 


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