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Massieu is part of the Slow Fashion movement, do you know it?

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At Massieu we have always had in mind to be part of a movement that cares about the environment, fair trade and responsible consumption. We'll tell you what it is all about.

Slow Fashion emerges as the opposite term to Fast Fashion and was coined in 2007 by Kate Fletcher. With this movement within the increasingly popular world of fashion, the aim is to increase transparency in production processes so that the consumer knows in detail what he or she is buying, such as where and in what condition it is manufactured. This promotes socially and environmentally responsible consumption

What is this movement competing against?

It competes against the industrialized fashion that corresponds to the term Fast Fashion, the most popular and the one we know best. You may be wondering what's wrong with it and why slow fashion is a better option. This "fast" fashion consists of creating clothing collections very quickly by focusing on following the latest trends and managing to reduce costs as much as possible. For this reason, the garments are usually of low quality, as they are designed for a short period of time while their popularity lasts. This causes an increase in consumerism in society and a worrying ecological impact, not only at an industrial level but also in the generation of waste. 

Although consumerism is something very socially accepted in an unconscious way, it is important that companies like Massieu bet on this movement to change little by little this mentality, making the population aware and thus diminishing the negative impact that the textile industry has in the world.

We promote less consumerism and more responsible, respect for workers, and their conditions knowing well their needs, better quality to have a durable product focusing on innovation with different and timeless designs. Also, we establish better relationships and trust between the company and consumers, transmission of values and awareness of society, and very important, transparency to understand the higher prices. These are products that become an investment and that will last longer in the time since better quality materials and production methods are used.

At Massieu, as we have explained in our previous articles, unique embroidered natural silks are used. We care about making high-quality silk bags that are exclusive.

All our bags are made in Spain between Alicante and Madrid where the employees have fair working conditions. In addition, we collaborate with a workshop located in Madrid that helps women at risk of exclusion who make some of our bags or accessories that accompany the bag. We want those women who bet on a Massieu, are indirectly contributing a grain of sand so that these women can be reintegrated into society and have a dignified life as they deserve.

Our designs are timeless, they do not understand passing fashions and we focus on bright colors with a very characteristic brightness provided by the silks that compose them. They are handbags or purses that last over time and pass from one generation to another, with great economic and moral value. We care about transmitting values and principles that are important in society. And although we have only been in the market for a short time, little by little we are introducing changes in our elaboration with the aim of becoming 100% ecological.

We encourage you to be part of the change, to consume in a responsible way, and to reduce the negative impact that consumerism produces on the environment and society.


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