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Massieu, more than a brand

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In our first article we want to introduce our company and history so that you can get to know us and our products.

Massieu is a project created in family, in concrete we are two sisters with a desire to undertake in something that excites us and represents us. The name of the brand Massieu, is the surname of our mother who has always been an example to follow our own style and fashion for us. Our family has been a great support and has given us the push we needed to move this project forward. Everyone has contributed in some way to make a seemingly impossible idea a reality.

Our first bag was created with much love and enthusiasm for the wedding of one of us and we saw with surprise the great success it had. At that moment, we decided to create Massieu to offer original and unique handbags, of high quality and design.

Our first bags, already on sale, are made of natural silk with unique embroideries. They are delicate but resistant materials with very special designs. Each model has few units, we offer a high exclusivity for our customers. We want our clients to feel unique with a unique, high quality, and timeless handbagsbag.

Our goal was not only to create a brand and a fashionable product, but we also wanted to have a positive impact on society and that each of our buyers could contribute to a fairer society. That is why our first collection of bags and the accessories that go with it are made in a workshop that offers social support and works to women in vulnerable situations and at the same time an environmentally sustainable workshop. "Ellas lo bordan" is a workshop that gives a second chance to socially excluded women by teaching them a new trade and giving them security and economic independence.

Massieu is more than a brand, it is a project that has united us at a family level, it gives us the opportunity to do our bit in society and where we can express our creativity without limits.

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