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Your own story with Massieu

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With this second entry in which we go a little deeper into Massieu, we want you to know in detail what we want to convey and what we represent.

Massieu wants to be more than a brand, we want you to feel identified and represented with our philosophy, and what better way to start than with a first bag collection? The hansbag is our great friend, it always accompanies us, it completes a look, and it talks about the woman who carries it.

Our line is based on two pillars, on the one hand, the design and on the other hand the positive impact on society that we wanted to make you participate in.

Today we are going to talk to you about design, the characteristics that we wanted to gather for you, which we summarize in beauty and high quality, exclusivity, and timelessness. For the choice of materials used in each of our bags, we have chosen to select the highest quality we have found in the market, the quality of the product is a very important principle for us. As many of you know, we use unique embroidered natural silks, which we personally select. We choose this choice because of its great beauty, as every woman does. Its exterior is of delicate treatment, we think that this should remind each one of us, how we should take care of ourselves and how others should treat us, it is about remembering that our inner strength goes beyond appearances.

How many times have we gone crazy thinking that there would be someone wearing the same dress, bag, jacket, or another garment at a wedding, party, or special occasion?

Each of the designs of these silks is unique in the world, for Massieu it was important that it was like that, as each one of us is unique, and in turn, its creation is very limited. In our collection, the maximum production of a single bag is very low, another principle of the firm, unlike other brands that offer a large number of units and more demand produce, without understanding the individuality of each of its buyers. With this way of creating we arrive at the exclusivity of your choice. Each Massieu must be special for each one of you, and we guarantee that when you decide on one design or another you will belong to a very small group of women who will be able to enjoy that design that represents you.

To conclude, I would like to emphasize the last but not least fundamental premise, the timelessness of the designs. We are committed to being part of the so-called slow fashion. We wanted to offer you a design that you could use without the marked fashion trends, which change up to four times a year, and this makes the fashion industry one of the most polluting on the planet, our home. Our design is timeless, you can use it today, just as you will be able to in 10 years, and in the same way it could have accompanied you years ago as well.

We want your Massieu to transcend ourselves, to be the beginning of a family tradition, to go from hand to hand. We all have an invaluable item for us, that brooch of your grandmother, the necklace of your mother, a bracelet of your sister ...

Why not start your own story with a Massieu?

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Created On lunes, julio 27, 2020 Posted By Blanca Comment Link
¡Me encanta vuestra marca! Para vestir con responsabilidad, carácter y personalidad de la mano de dos hermanas emprendedoras :)

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