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The importance of accessories

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Today we will talk about how the accessories in our chosen style show our most personal side and are the key to show the world who we are.

Every day we receive a lot of information about the trends of the moment through the media, and almost without realizing it, we find ourselves on fashion websites looking for that dress or skirt that all the influencers are wearing.

Photos in social networks, magazines, television..., we continually see the colors, fabrics and designs that will occupy our closets in the new season. They inspire us and lead to a certain cut of shirt, dresses with different lengths, with frills or bangs, more sober or sport; skinny pants, oh no! now they are slouchy... Suddenly when you go out to the street, you find five girls with the same midi skirt crossed. But do they really go the same way? If you look, each of their personalities are reflected in how they combine that skirt that is so fashionable. Through the elements that complete their look, you may not even be able to recognize the skirt thanks to them, because each one of those women has created a totally different and personal outfit as if it were a work of art. Because fashion allows us to show the most creative side of each one of us. 

What importance do you give to accessories? At this time when trends change so quickly, in just four months, with each change of season, accessories become vitally important. Thanks to them we can update garments that are already outdated, the dictates of fashion can lead us to highlight garments with little use, get rid of models that we love and even have been a costly investment, just a short time ago. 

This is where the accessories will help us renew the closet and give a new opportunity to that dress that suits us so well, renew our daily style, as if it were a new current trend.

It is important to bet on the basics of our closet, so some striking earrings, heels and a unique bag can raise your favorite jeans with that basic shirt of your closet, a perfect look for dinner at the trendy restaurant in town. 

Yes, the accessories are the key piece of your style, they help us innovate our timeless as a breath of fresh air, scarves, shoes, belts ... and bags will give us a chance to extend the life of our favorite clothes.

And if you had to choose just one accessory, which one would you take?

We are clear about it, our best friend is the bag. It is a reflection of our personality and approach to life.

Through a bag we can get to know the different aspects of the woman who carries it. It really is her world, not only does it help us carry the things we need, but it truly reflects who we are, it brings meaning to our outfit.

If we study what type of bag accompanies us we can easily discover if it is a woman who truly gives importance to her appearance, if she is detail-oriented and careful, or practical and decisive, if she has children, if she prioritizes her professional career, we can discover if she is calm or nervous.

All these clues are provided by the bag chosen by size, color, design, combination with the rest of the style... It is truly our hidden and intimate business card. 

So, do you think that the accessories show your most personal side? Do you think, as we do, that your bag is a key piece in your styling?

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