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Top Fashion Trends in Autumn/Winter 2020

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Today we want to talk about the trends that are presented to us for this new season of autumn-winter 2020. 

Hello everyone!

The summer is over and with it all those memories that we take with us. And although due to the covid19 it has not been a summer to which we are all accustomed, we have been able to have a few months of family reunion, see our best friends and even enjoy days of sun and beach. 

Even though we are going to miss these summer looks and that dark hair we like so much, after having charged up our batteries we are starting a new season, which we are sure will bring us new wonderful experiences, and what better than preparing the new outfits?

Let´s talk about the trends for this new autumn-winter 2020 season. 

This new season is full of surprises and a variety of colors, as you know in Massieu, we love bright and colorful! so we love to know that we will see a very colorful and varied season.

Do you know what colors are the trend this year?

The big protagonist is the color silver, which we see already in tops, dresses, pants, and skirts to which more than one will fall in love this year.  This color is not limited to events, but thanks to sportswear such as sweaters or sneakers, we can create new combinations and works of art, inspired by fashion lovers.

It is a cold color so remember that favors those who have this shade, in any case, we can always add a complement to the look to enjoy this trend, do you know our bag or Nara Lorena?

We will see earth colors, a lot of oranges, specifically, a butane tone perfect for combining with brown, which comes stepping strong too, the brown will be a substitute for black or navy blue, and allows us to combine it with a lot of shades.

Red is a trend, still present in suits of a jacket, coats ... can not miss a red dress in your closet. We love it for this season because it seems to be a color that stoned and favors all of us according to the shade you choose.

We highlight the color Samba, it is a calmer red, and to combine it, would you dare with a pink or orange? Or maybe you bet on more classic combinations? 

Greens like sheen or ultramarine will also be seen... and of course blue, a classic that we love and that combines very well, both its dark tones and its light ones giving the look an elegant style.

Garnet looks like it's going to be the official color of the season. Combine it with a light pink bag like our Nara bag and it's a hit this season.

What kind of clothes will you see in the stores?

What is clear to us is that this year we will be bored, drips, ruffles, shoulder pads, puffed sleeves, bangs, prints... all together and also extra-large, in dresses, tops, skirts... bringing femininity to women.

We will also enjoy this year both wide pants and maxi coats that are a trend, betting on the comfort and warmth of the garments. As well as the suits of masculine cut are maintained this new season, which are maintained another season more, facilitating us those meetings of office or event to which to go, but that we can enjoy them with different cuts, fabrics, and showy colors.

We are sure that we will see many influencers letting their imagination run wild with all this repertoire and we add value to these trends as our Massieu bags are timeless and always manage to join any trend and raise that outfit with a touch of elegance and originality at the same time.

As for the prints, we can highlight the pictures of the most seen trends, totally timeless, we have already seen them this summer in many dresses, now we find them in layers or coats. Other prints we will see are animal print, crow's feet, diplomatic style stripes, or large pink flowers.

Don't forget to take a look at our latest collection of Massieu bags, it's clear that with our variety of colors and models they will complete any look you want to sweep away and elevate your outfit, we are sure they will let your imagination run wild and highlight your personality.

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